Scientific Symposium

“Small Solutions for Big Water-Related Problems”

Innovative microarrays and small sensors to cope with water quality and food security

Department of the Environment and Primary Prevention, Italian National Institute for Health, Viale Regina Elena, 299
00161 Roma (Italy)

Rome, October 26-28, 2014

Registration of the attendees will start at 3:00 pm, October 26, 2014 and will be followed by a welcome cocktail. The scientific program of the Symposium will occupy the entire days of October 27th and 28th. The Symposium is co-organized by two EC consortia, the µAQUA (Universal microarrays for the evaluation of fresh-water quality based on detection of pathogens and their toxins) and RADAR (Rationally Designed Aquatic Receptors). The local logistic and scientific organization is the responsibility of the Department of the Environment and Primary Prevention of the Italian National Institute for Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, ISS).

MicroAQUA Project


Radar Project